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Suit Up! Business Tie Half Marathon Challenge


Entry into the Suit Up! Business Tie Queenstown Half Marathon Challenge is subject to both the terms and conditions below and the terms and conditions for the New Zealand Sotheby's Queenstown Marathon as can be found here.  Suit Up! Business Tie Queenstown Half Marathon Challenge is not affiliated with the operators of the Queenstown Half Marathon.


The Suit Up! Business Tie Half Marathon Challenge is limited to 20 companies with teams of 3 runners representing each company at the New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty (NZSIR) Queenstown Half Marathon on Saturday 19 March 2022. Please note this event has been postponed from 20 November 2021.



  1. The runners must preferably work for the company or otherwise be related to a staff member of the company. 

  2. At least one of the three runners must be female.

  3. If one of your runners has already registered for the Queenstown Half Marathon they can have their original booking cancelled and the marathon cost less the booking fee refunded. To have this arranged please contact Mia at the WHS Foundation on


  1. A team Entry Fee of $750.00 is payable to the Wakatipu High School (WHS) Foundation and includes the business team entry to Suit Up! Business Tie Challenge and the event entrance/registration fees for all 3 runners to the NZSIR Queenstown Half Marathon 2021. Please note the fundraising obligations for teams below.


  1. In addition to the team entry fee each runner is encouraged to fundraise at least $500 in running sponsorship which is pledged to the Wakatipu High School Foundation/Branches Trust.

  2. The fundraising can be completed as a team ($1,500) or as an individual ($500) and runners can use online platforms such as Go Fundme and Givealittle to raise funds. The team's business can also choose to make tax-deductible donations to the teams fundraising efforts.

  3. Fundraising the $500 per individual runner/$1,500 per team can commence upon Team Registration and is to be concluded by the 25 November 2021 with funds transferred to the WHS Foundation by the 01 December 2021.  The WHS Foundation will distribute funds between WHS Foundation and Branches Trust.

  4. This is a competition with the highest fundraising team wining a great prize, publicly acknowledged and huge admiration from everyone involved !! * we expect everyone to give it their best to raise as much as possible !!!*


  1. Teams are encouraged to dress up and theme their runners!

  2. While there is no obligation for teams to wear ties, each team must supply their own matching running tops which needs to include the WHS Foundation logo (supplied) on the shoulders and chest.  

  3. Discounted Screen printing of T-shirts will be available at Impact Print & Stitch. Further details to come.

  4. Each team must supply a photo of the 3 runners in their running tops.


  1. The proceeds from the Suit Up! Queenstown Half Marathon Business Tie Challenge will go to supporting Wakatipu youth education through the WHS Foundation and The Branches Trust.  The WHS Foundation is managing the collection and payment of team entry donations and the team fundraising donations and will distribute the funds between the two charities by the 15 December 2021.


The WHS Foundation and The Branches Trust are registered charities.  All donations over $5 are tax-deductible.


It wouldn't be a challenge without some friendly competition...

Prizes for each competition will be announced by the 31 August 2021. Prizes are for teams unless otherwise stated.


  • The Business Tie Challenge pits business against business to see which team can complete the Queenstown Half Marathon with the best time and be named the Queenstown Business Tie Titans.

  • This is a handicap race where you gain time allowances for age.

  • The winners are based on the aggregate time of the 3 runners.


Allowances per runner.

Runners under the age of 35: Nil

Runners 35+ to 45: minus 10 minutes

Runners 45+ to 55: minus 15 minutes                                          

Runners 55+ : minus 20 minutes


Awarded to the team that fundraisers the most for WHS Foundation and The Branches Trust.


TEAM PRIZE: Awarded to the team with the best-designed running T-Shirt - don't forget the WHS Foundation logo!

INDIVIDUAL PRIZE: Individuals are encouraged to have some fun and dress up. This prize goes to the individual with the best running costume - don't forget your team running T-Shirt!


INDIVIDUAL PRIZE: Awarded to the fastest Boss competing.

To be eligible for the Top Boss challenge, the person must be either the Owner, General Manager, CEO, Director, CFO or COO of the company. Age time allowances as per the 'Business Tie Titans' award will apply.


INDIVIDUAL PRIZES (Male / Female): This prize will be awarded at the discretion of WHS Principal Steve Hall to a male and female runner that shows the best effort.

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