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We are proud supporters of Wakatipu High School’s Awhi Fund.  

We understand that on occasion, families may need assistance in meeting the costs of various aspects of school life. The purpose of the Awhi Fund is to ensure equity of access to Wakatipu High School’s great all-round education and ensure that there are no financial barriers for students and families to be able to participate in the vast range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities that are on offer at school. The fund is designed to assist families financially with all aspects of school life, including uniform, fees, laptops, camps and all other school-based and extracurricular activities.

We want families to feel able to ask for help when they need it. While some families feel embarrassed about asking for financial assistance, we aim to make them comfortable by ensuring a high degree of confidentiality.

If you would like more information, please contact a school Guidance Counsellor to arrange a confidential meeting.

Families have really appreciated the support from the WHS Foundation...

The Awhi fund has allowed my daughters to study at WHS without needing to worry about monetary costs and we are ever thankful for the support provided. It is a great system and will surely help out other families in the future.

The Awhi support was a huge help for me as a single mum to help pay for the uniform and a laptop for my son who started year 9 this year. He was able to start high school confident that he had everything he needed for school at a time that can be nerve wracking for kids. We appreciate it so much! 

The Awhi funding was very helpful in that it removed a sense of pressure I was feeling in relation to the payment of Branches. I knew it would likely be the only time I applied for the Awhi help and so I felt I would ask as we were encouraged to do so through the Principal. The team at WHS were very helpful and although I would have rather not needed to ask, they made me feel at ease about it. The funding helped because it allowed me to channel the $250 elsewhere. I am very grateful for it. 

I would like to say how wonderful it was to receive help from Awhi Funding from the Wakatipu High School Foundation. Without the help of Awhi Funding, my son would not be able to attend all the events that the school offers, that are essential for his academic achievement. Therefore me and my family will always be grateful for such generous support from the Foundation.

A "Big Thanks" to Awhi for the financial assistance for our daughter's school related expenses.  It helps our family in meeting both ends of our day to day expenses. As a recipient of the Awhi fund it helps our daughter to become more inspired to be good in school and happy to participate in any extracurricular activities. Our daughter is determined to show to Awhi that it's worth helping us (her parents) in financial expenses in school. Thank you Awhi for being there to lean on.

I don’t know how I would have provided school essentials for my daughter over the past 2 years without the incredible financial support that Awhi has given us. Being a single Mum of three, living in Queenstown is not easy. The initial cost of school uniform is huge, as is the cost of camps. I could not have afforded these without help from Awhi. My son starts WHS in 2020 and again, Awhi has come to the rescue and I am so grateful. Thank you.

I really appreciated the Awhi Fund helping us. At the beginning of school, a lump sum money was always required to prepare uniform and etc. The Awhi fund helped me to get full uniform for my child, and it eased my financial stress off a lot. I feel more comfortable than before, as I know that WHS is a supportive school for students not only with schooling but also financially.

"I am writing this message to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support of me at WHS throughout the last two years. I am currently a year 10 student at WHS, and love taking part in the many opportunities presented to me through the school. Such a large variety of activities often come at a cost, which can often be a struggle for families to pay.

Queenstown, albeit being a beautiful place to live in, is a very expensive home, so many students may have to miss out on experiences because their families (including ours) would struggle to accommodate for them financially. This is why I am so incredibly grateful for the Awhi fund’s continued support of myself and others throughout their time at WHS.

So far, Awhi has supported my family through their sponsorship of academic and co-curricular opportunities (including music lessons, drama workshops, the ICAS exams and this year’s G&T field trip). One of the most iconic parts of Year 10 at WHS is Branches - the twelve-day outdoor camp. Branches provides countless unique opportunities for students, including an overnight rafting trip and the iconic three-day-hike to Lochnagar among many others.

Of course, these activities do come at a cost, despite the school’s best attempts to keep the price low, so Branches camp is an experience many students may have to miss due to financial restrictions. Awhi’s continued support of the camp, and students wishing to take part, is truly amazing, as without your support, it is likely that I (and many others) might have missed out on the camp. I believe this camp has helped me develop as a person, and Branches 2019 was nothing if not a story to tell.

I truly cannot express how thankful I am for your support, and how incredibly proud I am to live in a community with people who look out for one another in such an incredible way. I try to do my bit in this cycle of support - my mother and I regularly volunteer and try our best to help our community in any way we can. We are both incredibly thankful for all your support."

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