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Our Story

We recognise that through education, young people can enrich their own lives and the community in which they live.

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Who we are

The WHS Foundation was established as a charitable trust in 2013 to support Wakatipu High School in delivering an outstanding education and to oversee the management and prudent investment of the generous gifts and donations from our school community. Originally founded on a generous endowment from the Wilding Trust, the WHS Foundation works with a wide range of supportive community members, businesses and funders to ensure ongoing support for WHS.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all WHS students are enabled to meet their potential in a supportive and well-resourced environment.

A community with an excelling school develops and attracts excellent individuals, families, and businesses and contributes to the incredible lifestyle we all cherish in the Wakatipu Basin.

The WHS Foundation is focused on supporting WHS in perpetuity with the goal of building a $10 million endowment fund to secure the continued success of the school. To ensure WHS students have a continued wealth of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities, we appeal to our community to invest and support the school.   


Why we Support WHS

We believe as the only secondary school in Queenstown, WHS is truly one of the most valuable assets in our community.


Our support is integral in enabling WHS to offer a quality, holistic education that meets the needs of all students in the Wakatipu Basin.  Our support allows WHS to increase the amount of teaching and learning resources available to all students as well as supporting a vast range of extracurricular activities. It is through the generosity of our business partners, parents, alumni and the wider Queenstown community that our students continue to thrive in academic, cultural, and sporting endeavours. WHS consistently yields outstanding academic results and 2019 saw WHS benchmarked number two out of 187 state co-ed schools in key academic qualifications.

What we do

Working closely with Principal Oded Nathan and the Board of Trustees, we provide WHS with additional funding to ensure a world-class education offering to all our students. We fund a range of initiatives annually which enables WHS to drive high academic, sporting, and arts achievement, assists students who are experiencing financial hardship to fully participate in educational and extra-curricular opportunities as well as supporting the wellbeing of our school community.  


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Thank you to our Supporters


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