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Dr Hinano Bagnis


Hinano holds a PhD in Law from Nice Sophia Antipolis University and has dedicated much of her life to non-profit endeavours, particularly in the realm of improving economic opportunities in remote island communities, helping youth thrive, and supporting environmental initiatives.

Her expertise in tourism, the economy, and investments has seen her serve as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Tourism in French Polynesia, as well as the head of the country's economic development department for the President of French Polynesia.

In 2018, Hinano relocated to Queenstown with her family and has been supporting different local charities. She joined the Wakatipu High School Foundation as a trustee to give her time, passion, energy, and connections to advancing lasting excellence at Wakatipu High School.

Hinano loves the outdoors, especially fishing in the ocean, paddling and swimming as much as her beloved yoga practice.

Dr Hinano Bagnis
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