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Sandy MacLeod


Having returned to New Zealand from Sydney in 2021, Sandy found himself in Queenstown following his appointment as Manager of Crombie Lockwood, Southern Lakes. He was introduced to the Wakatipu High School Foundation through Gallagher’s ( formerly Crombie Lockwood) participation in the Business Partnership Program.

As the father of a future WHS student - his son Harrison is currently at Queenstown Primary School - Sandy recognises the paramount importance the WHS holds within the community. He is highly motivated to build on the foundation’s commendable work since its establishment in 2013.

Throughout his 20-year career, Sandy has primarily worked in the financial services sector. He also served on the executive team of a mental health not-for-profit, where he oversaw corporate partnerships.

“I genuinely believe that it’s an enormous privilege to live and work in this part of the world. Being involved with the WHSF gives me an opportunity to, in a small way, give back to the community I’m fortunate to call ‘home’.”

Sandy MacLeod
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