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Thanks "Uncle Jack!"

We are pleased to announce the generous $100,000 donation to the Wakatipu High School Foundation from Jack McPherson.

About Jack McPherson

Jack McPherson and his family grew up on Fairlight high country station in Southland. Walking and mustering sheep and cattle from an early age were part of the job description. His love for the outdoors developed into his love for tramping.

He retired from farming to Queenstown some 30 years ago and time then allowed him to pursue his love for tramping and the outdoors with wider family and friends. He has tramped most of the tracks in the South Island and up until a few years ago, he walked the Routeburn Track, in a day, every year to measure his fitness. Part of everyday life, which became a discipline, was to walk Queenstown Hill each morning and friendships were made with the people he encountered there daily. Recently turning 95 years of age, he attributes his good health over the years to his passion for walking daily.

Jack wanted to encourage the youth of Queenstown to experience the outdoors that he loved so much, opening up a world to them that they may not have had opportunity to experience before.

We are incredibly grateful for Jack’s sponsorship of the Outdoor Education programme at Wakatipu High School and his support of the purchase of two new vans. His gift will enable hundreds of students to experience and be inspired by our unique Wakatipu environment. Thank you “Uncle Jack!”

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